It's been distracting news this week that Angelina Jolie was crowned Goodness Angel of the World (and it seems like just yesterday she was simply Queen of Carrying Billy Bob Thorntons Blood Around Her Neck), so if you've been consumed with that and missed your vital Soup, here's your look back at the best. 

1. Good Morning America: If you like to see reporters look dumb on live national TV, click here.  

2. The Voice: If you like to see chest-proud peroxide-blonde women weeping, well, you're pathetic. Unless it's Christina Aguilera getting all up in some boo-hoo on The Voice. Then you're just like us.

3. Audrina: Audrina Patridge does not have a foul mouth. She doesn't smoke. She doesn't mangle her sentences. Her mom, on the other hand, is a real woman.

4. The Bachelorette: This week Ashley Hebert took her man posse to exotic Thailand, where she and Constantine learned the secret to long-term love. From a wise Thai gentleman who knows. And that's not all he knows.

5. The Real Housewives of New Jersey: House spouse Kathy Wakile's young son Joey is well-spoken, intelligent and thoughtful. And he makes a great case for getting liquored up.

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