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Anthony Weiner's Next Stop: Entourage?!

Anthony Weiner, Entourage HBO; Bryan Bedder/Getty Images

Anthony Weiner might want to check his messages.

Before he resigned today in the wake of the biggest twitpic scandal since Russell Brand snapped Katy Perry without her makeup on, the embattled New Yorker got a very interesting offer from Hollywood.

And if he didn't find it interesting at the time, he should probably start rethinking it, pronto...

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As Vincent Chase knows, one day you're Aquaman and, the next, you're Pablo Escobar.

Entourage executive producer Doug Ellin tells the Hollywood Reporter that he recently reached out to the now ex-congressman to appear in a cameo on the HBO hit, which is returning July 24 for its eighth and final season.

Ellin, who also extended an offer to Charlie Sheen after the actor melted down, says that, so far, he's heard "nothing" from Weiner. (He never heard back from Sheen, either.)

Wouldn't that be something, though?! Couldn't you just picture Drama going up to Weiner, raring for a high-five and gushing about what a stud he is?

Oddly enough, a rep for HBO later told E! News that the Entourage producers have not reached out to Weiner or his reps regarding a cameo appearance. (Well, you know how it goes, there's always a denial first...)

But maybe the privates-flashing politico will at least be able to make it to the premiere party being held July 19 in Manhattan, a nod to all the New York natives, including Ellin, who work on the L.A.-centric show. Surely there'll be a lot of cute chicks with Twitter accounts on hand.

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