Lea Michele, Chris Colfer


Dear Ted:
Your article about Dianna Agron and gay rights is incredibly offensive. Excuse me but I'm pretty sure Chris Colfer works for the Trevor Project and It Gets Better and Lea Michele performed for True Colors Cabaret, a fundraiser in support of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender equality. Also Cory Monteith is currently working for the Straight But Not Narrow Campaign. You're honestly one of the most pathetic "journalists" I've ever seen. Get your facts right. By the way Lea and Chris have done more for gay rights then Dianna has ever done. Stop using your blog as a Lea Michele hate board we get that you don't like her for some strange reason but honestly it's pathetic and the whole entire cast dislikes you for it. You make up garbage that never happens. Shame on you. Have fun writing your bogus articles that real journalists read for comedy.

Dear Gleeked Off:
You may have been too distracted jamming out to an a cappella version of "Don't Stop Believing," but I said upfront that I appreciated what the cast has done for the community. I've seen C.C.'s PSA, and I know that L.M. hit the stage with True Colors two years ago. Kudos to them. But I think with the platform they've been given, they can do more—sorry if that offends you. Team Truth is excited to see Cory's PSA though—we dug Josh Hutcherson's.

Dear Ted:
In your article about Dianna Agron's gay rights blog, are you implying that Lea and her outstanding heterosexual of a boyfriend might be a sham?

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Dear Gaydar:
Why do you have to be gay to fight for gay rights, babe? No, Lea may have plenty of Vices stuffed up her argyle sleeve, but this is one gal who loves guys and isn't afraid to show it. In public. All the time.

Dear Ted:
I have a question I hope you will answer. Were Cookie Muncher and Marky Sweet-Puss ever an item?
—La Liz

Dear Munch on Mark:
Interesting guess, L2, but you're off the mark(y) on this one. This twosome, besides their taste for same-sex partners, don't actually have too much in common. They might actually make a decent PR couple tho, come to think of it.

Dear Ted:
Granted it's not surprising for Wilmer Valderrama to be dating another teenaged singer-actress, but were you surprised about Demi Lovato dating him? After Demi's rehabilitation stay, you've mentioned that there were still some skeletons in her closet. Were the skeletons her relationship with Wilmer and her mom's own treatment issues? This reads so Vicey. Does she have a Blind Vice moniker yet?
—Thirsting for Cup of ATjo

Dear Demi Drama:
Surprised? Hardly. Demi has always had bad taste in guys—that's nothing new. As for those pesky little skeletons Demi has locked deep in her closet, they've got nothing to do with W.V. or her mama drama. It's all Demi. Tho, nothing to worry too much about anymore, babe.

Dear Ted:
I've been seeing all of the pictures of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez getting it on. Are they a real couple or for publicity? I'm a little suspicious. I think Bieber might be gay. Could Selena be his beard?

Dear Straight Shooter:
You're smart to be dubious of H'wood power couples—even the tween kind—but this is the real deal, for now. The publicity (and omnipresent paparazzi attention) is just a cherry on top of their cutesy-wutesy sundae.

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