If you haven't heard yet, Blake Lively is a serious actress.

These days she's all about calling her CGI-soaked superhero flicks her "art" and getting respect for her craft—not her omnipresent cleavage. And now that she's got her sights set on a Criterion Collection release of Gossip Girl, Blake has stopped lovingly muggin' for the paparazzi and instead greets her former photog friends with a sour scowl.

As for all that internet gossip about the gal, ya know, like the "100 percent fake" nudie pics of a Blake doppelgänger, B knows how to handle that, too:

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By flying under the radar!

Uh, yeah right.

"You know getting into this business what comes into it," Blake dished when she stopped by the Today show this morn. "You do it for the art, you know, for the wonderful work that we get to do."

She lands one friggin' Oliver Stone flick and the gal thinks she's Meryl Streep.

"And otherwise, you keep your head down," Blake continued to blab. "You keep to yourself, you know. I have such a great family and friends and they're my support system."

Whereas we think the best way to handle your scandal and get the goss mongers gawking at something else is to become one hottie half of a celeb power couple and parade your romance around the world.

But we're just brainstorming.

We can't help but notice tho that Blake isn't taking her own advice. Literally, she's been out and flashing her famous features for all the paps to snap while living it up luxuriously in France, Italy and even the happiest friggin' place on Earth, Disneyland.

All while getting "support" from her "friend" Leonardo DiCaprio, of course.

Well, we'll give the crafty cutie credit for one thing: Folks are definitely talking more about her relaysh of the moment than any cell phone pics that may or may not be her.

Here's hoping Leo will finally hit the red carpet at Blake's side when she accepts her Best Supporting Actress Oscar for Green Lantern! Long live DiLively!

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