Elizabeth Taylor, Richard Burton, Cleopatra

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You think today's Hollywood lovers are tumultuous? Puh-leaz. No one can touch Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton's fiery, tempestuous (and very drunken) romance.

Married, divorced, married and divorced again, their tormented love affair is finally going to the big screen via Furious Love, an adapted book to be directed by Martin Scorsese.

But who in Hollywood has the gusto to capture these two notorious lovebirds?

As per usual, we have some suggestions. Take note, Scorsese:

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie is a major duh. First thing that popped into our heads. Having a real-life romance like Brad and Angie's would be extra hot, and who better to play Liz and Rich than the most (arguably) debated Hollywood couple of our generation.

But seriously, what would really fuel the sexual tension is some exes. Maybe Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise? We want to see some blood boiling and fists flying! Scorsese can get really creative here.

And then, of course, there are  the actors we can bring together for some new, hot onscreen romance. Natalie Portman may not have the sex appeal that Liz does, but we all saw that scene in Black Swan. She's got the acting chops to channel the queen of Hollywood herself.  We're thinking Nat goes well with bad boy (and Liz Taylor fave) Colin Farrell.

Then there's Liv Tyler, whose resemblance to Brit-born Liz Taylor, name and all, is too close to be ignored. Most importantly, she's actually got curves like L. Paired with über-talented Russell Crowe, we see sizzle.

OK, we've given you a plethora of choices. Get on it!

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Which couple can live up to Elizabeth and Richard?
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