Kate Bosworth, Alexander Skarsgard

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Dear Ted:
We haven't seen Skarsworth together since Coachella a couple of months ago. Of course Alexander is busy filming True Blood, but if he and Kate were still hot and heavy you'd think he'd make time for his camera-loving girlfriend, wouldn't you? Any deets on what's going on with them?

Dear Camera Shy:
Well, their flick doesn't come out until fall, so the twosome deserve a tiny break to lay low and get their lovey-dovey (or whatever) ducks in a row before they return to flashing their pearly whites for the paparazzi—as much as that may break K.B.'s heart. But True Blood starts soon, and that could always use some tabloid publicity, right Skars? Ahem, I mean, Kate?

Dear Ted:
You've said that King Schlong "rocked" both the stage and the big screen. What about the "small" screen? Has K.S. ever been a regular on TV? My formerly feral cat, Butter, couldn't care less, but I'm a teeny bit curious.

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Dear Boob Tube B.V.:
Yes he's canoodled with cable a few times, but he was hardly the king of anything back then.

Dear Ted:
I'm a newer reader and I'm sure this question has been asked before, but it needs to be asked again and will be asked until the day we die. Why the hell is Jennifer Lopez with Marc Anthony? Their couple moniker should be "Beauty and the Awww! Zombie." Is he sporting a blue-veined anaconda that rivals Milton Berle?

Dear Coup de Couple:
Less down-south surprises and more boring common-background-in-the-Biz stuff. They've got a lot in common, these two, but I'm sure if you dug around you could find some more eVIdenCE why this duo defies your H'wood standards.

Dear Ted:
I'm stumped by your Barry Wanger-Banger B.V., but I have a guess for you: Jason Sudeikis? He's a muy funny guy! What do you think—am I warm?

Dear Jokes on You:
Warm, yes. But you didn't nail Barry. While Jas is just starting to rise in his celeb status, Mr. Wanger-Banger has been recognizable for much longer, which is how he gets the semi-famous females to go out with him in the first place.

Dear Ted:
I've got to admit I have a girl crush on Lea Michele and I just love you, so what do you think, will she have a successful career after Glee?
—Forever Sunshine

Dear Babs-B-Gone:
she? Uh, she already does. That said, she's definitely got the right head-on ‘tude to make it big elsewhere in this town. And she's actually not trying to make herself as overexposed as some of her fellow Gleeks. Smart. I could see her sticking around for a long time if she keeps playing it this well.

Dear Ted:
I have a doubt.. The Twilight cast are always saying just how much they love each other and how much fun they have together on set. But when they are on big events like the MMA's they barely talk. It seems to me, there's a little bit of jealousy there. Am I right? Is there any bad blood between Robsten and the rest of the cast?

Dear Twi-lite:
Every cast says they're like a family—but the Twilight crew actually is one big (incestuous, ew) clan. And siblings fight from time to time, don't they? Wouldn't worry about it.

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