Leonardo DiCaprio, Blake Lively

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Dear Ted:
Can you help me understand why Leonardo DiCaprio is with Blake Lively? I totally get why Blake is with Leo, but Leo never really seemed to be a fan of the tabloid aspect of stardom (especially after the Titanic madness), and that seems to be Blake's main objective. Yes, she's gorgeous, but so are the all of the models he could be dating who are less in the spotlight.

Dear He Doesn't Get It:
We have a feeling Leo thought he was bigger news up until a couple of weeks ago. After all, they've been frolicking together for what, 3.5 seconds? Mr. Titanic didn't realize what he was getting into when the paps started snapping pics of him with his new arm candy post-Bar breakup. So far, B is wearing the designer pants in this relationship.

Dear Ted:
I'm wondering if all these "surprise" pregnancies are as calculated as everything else in Hollywood. I'm thinking in Sally Pearlsmyth's case it really was a surprise, but what about Kate Hudson or January Jones? I mean, they do know what birth control is right? I'm just wondering if the guys have any clue what their ladies are really up to or are they in on the gig too? 

Dear Baby Mama Drama:
Don't forget Kimberley Stewart! Birth control is so out this year, and the dudes are left out of the loop. But don't be fooled by Kate Hudson and January Jones' blonde roots; these two are smart cookies who know exactly what they are doing. And if there's one thing their dudes shouldn't mess with, it's a starlet's mommy clock going tick, tick, tick. Be wary of dating a celeb with simmering box-office mojo, fellas. It could end with a (baby) boom!

Dear Ted:
I know it was quite a while ago now, but I'm still intrigued by the Sally Pearlsmyth story. I have an idea of who it could be. Is she by any chance on a popular TV show right now?

Dear Sally Snooper:
You're getting warmer.

Dear Ted:
What is all this talk about Jennifer Aniston possibly stealing her (confirmed?) new boyfriend? She of all people knows better than that. Say it ain't so!
—4 Fun Only

Dear It's Probably So:
As much as it pains us to admit, the timing is just too curious. They were seen snuggling at a party two days after his ex was gushing about her "boyfriend," Justin Theroux. Maybe they broke up right in between those two events? Maybe Jen didn't know? We're trying to be idealistic here...

Dear Ted:
Brad Pitt reads about Jen's new man on your site. From what you know of his personal feelings which of the following is most likely: (a) He feel so over it, he gets distracted by the advertisements; (b) jealously begins googling for info on the new dude; (c) he calls Jen to tell her to beware; (d) he closes the browser window because he hears Angie coming and she will kick his arse for reading about Jen; or (e) he gets a little teary thinking about their vows.

Dear Pollster:
D. No question.

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