James Franco


So True So False, STSF

Another day, another rumor about James Franco.

The very educated thespian, incoming NYU lecturer and all-around handsome lad is supposedly getting ready to cut an album with...drag queen Kalup Linzy?

On first look, this story certainly seems to be of the "Was Franco stoned at the Oscars?" variety. But, then again, Franco''s résumé is blank in the professional-musician section, and surely he's not OK with that.

Better use some extra glue on your false eyelashes, because this story is...

So true!

The only man in America who might sleep less than Ryan Seacrest is now delving into the world of song with Linzy, a Brooklyn-based performance artist, as part of the aptly named Kalup & Franco.

Franco and Linzy shared the stage during a performance of "Proud Mary" at the Bowery Hotel in New York a year ago and then the 127 Hours star hooked his pal up with an appearance on General Hospital last summer.

The duo's debut LP, Turn It Up, will feature so-called "experimental" music and is due out July 12. We're assuming Franco will have already invented something, solved an impossible equation or dabbled in professional sports by then, as well.

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