Colton Haynes, Tyler Hoechlin

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Despite the fantasy fans' wishes for another franchise to follow, it doesn't sound like the new MTV show Teen Wolf is going to be the answer to Twilight's upcoming expiration date.

We talked to Teen Wolf hotties Tyler Hoechlin and Colton Haynes at Sunday's MTV Movie Awards, where the heartthrobs in the making dished on their secret Twilight connections and why they think "K.Stew is going to take someone out!"

"It's already happening," Haynes told us of people comparing Teen Wolf to the Twilight franchise. "People are trying to pin us against each other. I heard K.Stew is going to take someone out!"

"Someone told us we have a fight with Rob and Taylor later," hunky Hoechlin jokingly added. "I don't know if they set that up or someone else is trying to get that going. I think we'll be fine—just have to keep our eyes peeled."

Luckily, we are happy to report that no werewolves or vampires were harmed in the making of the MTV Movie Awards.

But despite Twilight's massive success, the Teen Wolfers only want one thing from the franchise.

"We want their fans to watch us," Haynes confessed. Hoechlin seconded: "They got a good thing going, and we want to be our own thing. We want to be the Teen Wolf guys."

But turns out the "Teen Wolf guys" were thisclose to actually being Twi guys!

Hoechlin told OK! magazine last month that after deliberating between a future in acting and a baseball career, "I turned down a role in Twilight...I would have played Edward's brother." Ouch!

And just last week, Teen Wolf's Tyler Posey, who was up for the Jacob Black role in Twilight that eventually went to Taylor Lautner, told our Marc Malkin, "I read the script...There was talk of me being in it. But not anymore. I found my own werewolf to make my own."

And how about taking any of their own Teen Wolf romances into real life à la Robsten?

"We all hang out," dished the two dudes. "But the guys rarely ever take a break from playing Halo in our off time."

But if they had to choose their hottest costar, both hunks agreed on "Crystal [Reed] and Holland [Roden]."

We don't buy that Halo video game excuse for a second. It's only a matter of time before this hot young cast starts hooking up!

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