Bryce Dallas Howard

Christopher Polk/Getty Images

Bryce Dallas Howard may have walked away with an MTV Movie Award for Best Fight, but we think her real score was in the fashion department!

The Twilight star and her baby bump looked stunning on last night's red carpet wearing a two-toned pink chiffon dress, complete with an Empire waist white braided belt.

But can you guess the designer? Hint: It ain't a fancy-schmancy couture house.

The gorgeous gown in question is from the preppy paradise J.Crew!

"I went online and saw that they were making evening gowns, and I was pleasantly surprised," Howard told us. "A lot of them looked like they could accommodate a pregnancy, and I'm pregnant, so this is great!"

So how much did Howard splurge on the J.Crew Phyllis silk-chiffon maxi dress?

Nada! "No, I'm a cheapskate and made the [freebie] call," she laughed.

So what is the Eclipse actress craving while pregnant for the second time?

"I'm still kind of sick, so I eat a lot of ginger things," she said. "At this point, I'm mostly just trying to get things that stay down."

She continued with a laugh, "Don't worry I'm feeling OK right now. I'm not going to ruin your ensemble."

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