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Angelina Jolie

Andreas Rentz/Getty Images

She's got an Oscar, some killer tattoos, a guy who looks like Brad Pitt, six kids, a sweet gig with the United Nations, and a movie about talking animals in theaters right now. What more could any woman want on her birthday?

Angelina Jolie turns 36 today, and let's talk about somebody who has everything.

So instead of racking our brains thinking of the perfect gift (All of Egypt? Oops, she's got that, too!), we'll just send Ms. Jolie our best wishes in handy blog-post format. 

No word yet on how the supermom's celebrating today, but she does have a thing for pirate-themed kids parties. So maybe Johnny Depp's on his way over with wigs and hook hands?

Anyway, what would you get Angie for her 36th?