Jennifer Lopez

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This will not be the summer of Naked Jennifer Lopez if the diva herself has anything to say about it.

After a court ruling last week left a producer thinking she can go ahead with a plan to release some of Ojani Noa's way-behind-the-scenes video of his ex-wife, Lopez's legal camp is raring to set the other side straight.

In no part of the ruling did the judge say it was cool to peddle an X-rated J.Lo video, attorney Jay Lavely insists to E! News.

So, with the letter of the law and protecting Lopez's privates on their minds, her attorneys plan to be in court Monday to ask for a clarification of the ruling.

On May 26, a judge determined that, while Noa and his manager Ed Meyer are forbidden to profit off of the Lopez footage, the American Idol judge is not allowed to interfere with Claudia Vasquez's right to make a living.

Lavely says that in no way means that Vasquez, who "bought" the rights to Noa's story for $1, can then go ahead and make a movie herself. By "aiding, abetting, assisting, or acting in concert with Noa and Meyer," she is beholden to the same permanent injunction that's keeping them out of the tell-all business, he says.

While Vasquez's attorney, M. Chris Armenta, told E! News that his client wants to move forward with a comedic mockumentary about Noa's journey "from Cuban immigrant to husband of Lopez and beyond" that would include actuall footage from their honeymoon, Meyer told us yesterday that there are also porn distributors lining up to get their hands on 20 minutes of nude J.Lo.

—Reporting by Claudia Rosenbaum and Marcus Mulick

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