Jennifer Lawrence's Supposed Man Heats Up Bullett Magazine

    Nicolas Hoult, Bullet Magazine Grant Thomas/Bullet Magazine

    Wondering who this Nicholas Hoult guy is if he's good enough for the beautiful, mega-talented Jennifer Lawrence?

    Luckily, these exclusive photos from his upcoming spread in the richly hip magazine Bullett show Hoult at least gets a pass in the looks department (and is far more handsome than his X-Man alter ego).

    Whew! What a relief! But what about his fears, his ambitions, you know, the emotional mumbo jumbo?

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    Nicolas Hoult, Bullet Magazine Grant Thomas/Bullet Magazine

    "Every time I'm working, I'm terrified that this is going to be the job where someone says, ‘Oh my God, that's horrendous, never hire this kid again.' And then I have to go off and get a real job," Nick admitted.

    Hey, good to know Nicholas sounds like the rest of us. So points for humility, right?

    And despite his anxiety, Nick has been acting since age 3 (uh oh, child actor alert?). Fortunately, Nick appears to be that rare child-actor-turned-successful-adult-actor type. His latest acting gig, X-Men: First Class, is when he first locked eyes with Jennifer Lawrence, and the duo has been in a rumored romance since they met on the X-Men set.

    Actually, Nicholas and Jennifer's romance—we're told by impeccable sources—is one reason why folks at Fox were referring to the flick as Sex Men. Hot!

    But Jennifer didn't see a lot of the Hoult's boyish good looks, which Bullett so adoringly captures, anywhere near the X-Men set. Instead, Jennifer's supposed man played a beast in the movie that even he admits was terrifying enough to scare the poop out of him.

    "Anything you do, even if you're doing something really mundane, just puttering around the trailer or cleaning or something, you catch a glimpse of yourself in the mirror in the makeup and you freak out."

    Wonder what Jennifer thought when she ran into that on the X-Men set. We're guessing she was more than thrilled to get that make up off.

    It's a tale of the (blue) Beauty and the Beast! We love!

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