If Kate Gosselin really wants a man around the house to make sure the septic tank works, she realizes she needs to loosen up a bit, right?

Though she's physically ready to strut her stuff on the singles' market, a sneak peek of the newest episode of Kate Plus 8—in which best pal Jamie takes her out to an NYC club for her birthday—shows that Kate is still letting her nerves get the better of her in social situations.

Meaning, the scandal-plagued divorcée comes off as really uptight. But that doesn't seem to deter one charming fellow...

"I've got four kids and I know what that's like," says one eligible bachelor who chats up Kate and Jamie. "She actually was a very sweet person. I would definitely take her out when she has the time."

But does he know about septic tanks?

Guess we have to watch "Kate's Night Out" next Monday to find out.

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