If you spent your week consumed with why they're making Rocky: The Musical instead of the clearly more obvious choice of Judge Dredd: The Musical, and missed your Soup dose, let's catch up.

1. Live With Regis and Kelly: There's no doubt teen Idol big shot Scotty McCreery is a monster at vocalizing, but at baseball? According to the Big Mc it's true. Somebody up there likes him, apparently.

2. The Bachelorette: The one new twist this season is the fact that bachelor Jeff wears a mask. Either he's so handsome he doesn't want to win sweet Ashley on looks alone, or the feds are after him. Or is it something else?

3. The View: Remember Paris Hilton? You know, the boring rich girl with a sex tape. The blonde one. Well, she's back, and she plopped that legendary keester down on the the couch over at the The View for a not-so-comfortable ride.

4. Mob Wives: No doubt New Jersey is filled with lovely, intelligent, rational, quiet, thoughtful women. But who wants to watch a TV show about those ladies when you've got the connected mega-shrews of Mob Wives? Right, we don't either.

5. Lauren Aliana: The Georgia sweetie may have lost on Idol, but she still gets to hang out with Regis. And his phlegm. And his questions about young women's clothing.

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