Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez

Dear Ted:
I am so confused! For years Selena Gomez has kept her fans in the dark and never talked about her love life. Now she's flaunting her relationship and body more than ever before. What's going on there?

Dear Say Your Prayers:
There comes a time in every Disney star's life where she goes from darling to diva—and that time is now for formerly Saint Selena. You weren't surprised, were you, babe? She is a Vice alumna, after all. I'm just glad she's finally letting her teen freak flag fly. But to be fair, she's still not as goss-worthy as those gals who came before her (I'm looking at you, Miles).

Dear Ted:
May I please suggest a new moniker for Leonardo DiCaprio and Blake Lively? That couple has resurrected us gossip lovers from a deep sleep, so how about DiLively for the hot new couple? I'm hoping we'll be getting juicier pictures this summer, with a bit of red-carpet gushing and ass grabbing, or am I too alive and running wild with imagination? Loulou sends love to your four-legged fam.

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Dear Name Game:
I like it! And I totally agree, babe, I'm loving DiLively more and more with every tabloid cover. And even though I don't think you'll see them hit the red-carpet together or chat about each other in interviews—you know, trying to play that whole coy thing—I'm sure the paparazzi shots will get steamier and steamier.

Dear Ted:
Just wondering about your thoughts on the Vicers. Who is (1) your favorite B.V., (2) your least favorite B.V. and (3) the B.V. that shocked you the most.

Dear Sophie's Choice:
That's like pickin' which of my pups I like best, E! But I'll give it a shot: Toothy is my fave, duh. I am always happy to dig up dirt on that delicious dude. My least favorite (these days) is probably Judas Jack-Off, just 'cause he's so damn boring lately and yet everyone is bitchin' about him. As for shocking, well, the sad story of Sally Pearlsmyth was...unexpected.

Dear Ted:
I am a huge Twilight fan and have been from the beginning, and because of the talk about The Hunger Games I had to read the series, and OMG did I like it. Well I have been voting on MTV's website for the upcoming awards, and of course I have been voting for all my favorite Twilight peeps, just wondering who you might like. Or possibly who you think might win.

Dear Feelin' Picky:
Well obviously the most important category to everyone on Team Truth is Best Kiss—and, must 'fess, while the competition is fierce, we have no doubt Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart will snag the award for the third time in a row. Besides the Twi gang, I wouldn't mind seeing Leighton Meester, Andrew Garfield or Emma Stone take home shiny statues.

Dear Ted:
Perhaps the scorned wife that was plotting revenge on Veronica Bee-Stings has access to some cell phone shots that Miss Bee-Stings may have sent her sexy costar when they were getting hot and steamy back in the day? If she did, she could potentially leak them onto the internet. That said, so could Veronica herself. Just a thought.

Dear Stung 'n' Scorn:
Now that babe is the type of delicious conspiracy theory Hollywood is built on. So delicious in fact, I wish I could tell you it's true. But alas, I cannot.

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