Jennifer Aniston, Justin Theroux

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Jennifer Aniston moves quickly!

Romance rumors began for the actress and her Wanderlust costar Justin Theroux just a few weeks ago, but apparently he's already meeting her inner circle.

Jen even threw an intimate party last Friday, where she introduced him to BFFs Courteney Cox and Chelsea Handler, according to People.

Didn't get the invite for their coming out soiree? Here's a helpful primer on Jen's newest flame:

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Justin Theroux

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1. He's Multi-Talented: Theroux is no stranger to the scene. He's starred on Broadway in Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme and on the silver screen alongside James Franco and Natalie Portman in the flick Your Highness. He also wrote the screenplay for Iron Man 2 and his voice can be heard in the video game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. To top it off, he is an accomplished breakdancer, whose moves can be seen in Zoolander. The real question is: Does he ever sleep?

2. He and Jennifer Aniston Have the Same PR Firm: Both Justin and Jen are repped by Slate public relations, so could this mean the whole thing is a publicity stunt to drum up interest in the flick they costarred in together?

2.5. Oh, He May Even Have a Girlfriend: Justin has been linked to stylist Heidi Bivens for the past few years and Heidi's mom went on record with our own Ken Baker to say Justin and Jen are "just friends".

3. He's a Bad Boy: The D.C. native got kicked out of multiple schools before the age of 14. He finally settled at a boarding school in Massachusetts before attending Bennington College in Vermont, where he graduated with degrees in visual arts and drama.

4. He's Not Shy About His Sexuality: Despite playing numerous gay roles and having a large gay fan base, he told The Advocate, "I've never given a real-life gay opportunity a shot, but I've had drunken advances in college."

5. He Looks Way Cuter Without Facial Hair: Not an opinion. Fact.

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