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We hope you've enjoyed playing our delicious little games of Ditch, Do or Marry as much as we've loved making ‘em for you!

And while we thought there were some very tough decisions to be made in each round, you persistent voters were very clear about which sexy celebs you'd love to kick to the curb, which you'd love to hit the sheets with and which you'd just love to...love.

Here are the results when it comes to single starlets, sexy imports and hottie judges:

Dianna Is the Sweetie Pie of the Single Starlet Crowd! We figured, following the game of newly single guys, we'd serve up some sexy young ladies for your picking, and you all were very clear that you'd marry Glee gal Dianna Agron, do Twilight and tabloid star Ashley Greene and ditch Heroes hottie Hayden Panettiere.

Then of course the Twilight fanatics couldn't leave the poll alone, writing in their fave gal:

"This is a weird trio choice. One likes to date only men that could be her father, the other likes to faux coffee date, and then there's the chick that likes English blokeheads. Soooo lets ditch all 3, and go for a chick who knows WHAT'S UP in that department. Kristen Stewart."

And here we thought you'd be furious if we included K.Stew in a single ladies poll...since, ya know, she has a BF. Make up your minds and leave these other starlets alone, Twi-hards!

Alex Pettyfer's Good Looks Can't Save Him From Getting the Boot! We figured there would be nothing more delicious than choosing between three gorgeous foreign fellows, but we were way wrong, 'cause most of you said: "None, none and none. Done."

Other horny folks completely disagreed, saying: "Do, do and do. Wouldn't marry any and wouldn't kick any to the curb, but would do all three separately, two at a time or even three at a time, their choice!"

But ignoring the picky crowd—and those that inevitably wrote in Robert Pattinson—you guys and gals said you would marry X-Men main man James McAvoy, do True Blood babe Alexander Skarsgård and ditch newbie Alex Pettyfer.

Newbie Nicole Scherzinger Is the Judge With the Most Bangin' Bod! This summer is offering up some good-looking gals who aren't afraid to voice their opinion, and so we decided to ask for your opinion on which singin' sweetie you'd like to ditch, do or marry. And in the comments, each lady got picked for each prestigious position.

But the poll told a different story, and an overwhelming majority said you would marry American Idol's Jennifer Lopez, do The X-Factor's Nicole Scherzinger and ditch The Voice's Christina Aguilera.

Makes sense to us! Nic used to be a Pussycat Doll, J to the L-O is rolling in the dough and Xtina has been looking like a blonde Snooki of late.

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