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    Source: Kristen Stewart "Definitely" Attending MTV Movie Awards!

    Kristen Stewart Kevin Mazur/WireImage

    If this funny promo video wasn't confirmation enough, we can assure you, with 100 percent certainty, that Kristen Stewart will attend Sunday's MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. (Assuming no rapture-like catastrophe occurs, of course.)

    The actress is up for three awards, including Best Kiss with her hot other half, Robert Pattinson.

    But will shy Kris walk the red carpet? And will Rob be by her side?

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    "Kristen is definitely planning on attending the show on Sunday," a solid MTV source reveals to us, exclusively. "She has made all of the necessary plans to be there. She will probably walk the red carpet, but you never know because with her, it's usually a game-time decision depending on how she feels."

    What we do know? K.Stew better start practicing how to ascend a staircase in heels to accept her statues!

    We can also expect to see the premiere of the Breaking Dawn trailer during the show.

    And while Kris has made all of the necessary arrangements to be home from London in time to attend the show and pick up her awards in person, we're still not quite sure whether or not Rob will be able to break away from the Cosmopolis set in Canada to accompany his gf.

    But if we were putting money on it, we would bet our entire wallet that Rob makes it back for the big show. He's got a Best Kiss award to accept and a girlfriend to smooch...on- and offstage!

    We can hope, can't we?!

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