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    Never Mind the Critics: Hangover Part III Already in the Works

    Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Justin Bartha, The Hangover 2 Courtesy of Warner Bros.

    It really is all about the Benjamins, baby.

    Critics didn't find much to laugh at, but The Hangover Part II easily erased moviegoers' memories of whatever reviews they read and managed to smash multiple box office records, including the three-day total for a live-action comedy and the holiday-weekend take for any R-rated movie.

    Plus, it nearly doubled on the original Hangover's opening weekend en route to amassing more than $205 million worldwide, according to Warner Bros.

    Factor in that the flick "only" cost $80 million to make, and you get...The Hangover Part III, of course!

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    Even though screenwriters Craig Mazin and Scott Armstrong kinda ran out of fresh ideas the second time around (a tattoo instead of a missing tooth is not reinventing the wheel, guys), Mazin has reportedly already been approached to get started on a script for a third film.

    Director Todd Phillips, who made the media rounds last week in support of his latest creation, also said that he has some ideas as to what another Wolf Pack adventure could entail. (We're already trembling at whatever is going to befall Ed Helms' Stu in No. 3.)

    Talk of a trilogy isn't new, but Warner Bros. has no comment on whether the wheels are actually turning.

    But do monkeys like to nibble wieners?

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