Laughter is the best medicine. And who better to serve up a hefty dose than Seth Rogen and Joseph Gordon-Levitt?

The two are teaming up for 50/50, a comedic take on an otherwise healthy 27-year-old (Gordon-Levitt) who's shocked to learn that he has cancer. But he also learns...

Trying times reveal how important true friends are, right? After all, who else but a good bud is gonna let you use their body razor to shave your head or tell you that 50-50 odds are great in a casino or, you know, that having cancer could be a great pickup line? A friend, that's who.

And for those really difficult moments, at least he has the world's seemingly youngest therapist, Anna Kendrick, there to take his call in the middle of the night.

50/50 hits theaters Sept. 30. Ready to check this one out?

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