Robert Pattinson, Sarah Gadon, Cosmopolis

Robert Pattinson is back on the big screen, ladies and gentleman! (Cue the delirious cheering.)

This time, R.Pattz is trading in his Twilight contacts and Water for Elephants suspenders for a dark suit, a clean shave and some hair gel.

The new images from Cosmopolis show our main man sharing the backseat of a car with one lucky lady...and we can feel the heat from here!

And although we are well aware of Robsten's affinity for backseat smooches, it ain't Kristen Stewart!

It's Rob's Canadian costar, Sarah Gadon.

Down, Twi-hards, down!

While K.Stew was recently in Toronto visiting Rob, the actress jetted to London this week, leaving Rob in the northern lands to begin filming on Wednesday.

In this still from the flick, in which R.Pattz plays a 28-year-old millionaire Manhattanite, the costars lock gazes and look as if they are about to pounce on one another.

The pic was taken by photog Caitlin Cronenberg, whose father, David Cronenberg, just so happens to be directing the film.

We can't wait for more steamy on-set shots from the thriller! Keep ‘em coming, Cait!

Sarah Gadon's introduction to the protective Twi-hards begins in 3, 2,

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