Blake Lively, Leighton Meester

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Dear Ted:
I don't get why Blake Lively is getting better movie parts than Leighton Meester. Do you think it's because Blake has better management or because she's considered hotter looking? Or something else? She is not more talented than Leighton.

Dear Stylista Smackdown:
Oh please, talent hardly has anything to do with it in Young Hollywood. The paparazzi are all over Blake...Leighton, not so much. And although Leighton is gorgeous in her own right, it also helps that Blake looks drop-dead gorgeous next to her man-candy know, like Ryan Reynolds and Ben Affleck. Sex sells, baby!

Dear Ted:
So no more Glee for a few months. Any new Vices to report on the cast? What about the Glee gals like Dianna Agron?
—Cindy F

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Dear McKinley Vices:
, most of those Glee gals earned Blind Vice infamy before their first solos. But which girl goes with which Vice might be what surprises even the most avid Gleek.

Dear Ted:
I have a theory about the size of these engagement rings. I think the larger the ring, the faker the relationship. What do you think? I don't remember who, but someone said: "anything in excess is vulgar." It almost seems like the only thing these couples have in common is a sad need to one-up everyone else and draw attention to themselves. There's something clownish about these 5- 10- and 20-carat rings. Maybe I'm just too old fashioned. I think the little things mean a lot. Just not too little...
—Miss P

Dear Bogus Bling:
The Kardashians don't like anything modest—they broadcast their entire lives on TV after all—but that doesn't mean that everything about their lives is as fake as most reality shows. Must 'fess, we can't wait to see Kimmy K.'s I do on our boob tube.

Dear Ted:
Being a child of the '60s, I was wondering if Hollywood was as vile and decadent back then as it is now? Was there some level of sanctity and morals, or has Hollywood always been Dante's circles of hell?

Dear Hippy Child:
It's not like sex, drugs and lies are a new thing in Hollywood, honey. Joan Crawford, Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor all dipped their hands in the naughty pool, just to name a few. Tinseltown has always been filled with plenty of bad boys and girls.

Dear Ted:
You haven't been a good Niley fan. Haven't been answering out question so please answer this: The real question is are Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus even friends anymore? Is there still love between them? They follow each other on Twitter so there must be, right?

Dear Twitter Queen:
Let's put it this way: They may not be BFFs post-breakup (it was a bit messy), but they're both way too into their current BF and GF (that's Hunger Games hottie Liam Hemsworth for Miles and Delta Goodrem for Nicky) to be at each other's throats. Don't expect a reunion—at least not a private one—anytime soon.

Dear Ted:
I have guesses for Rick Danger-Zip and Sunny Sweet-Cheeks. Could it be Michael Bublé and Emily Blunt? Michael did move on to some big-boobed blonde whom no one really knows what she's famous for, and Emily seems really happy being married with John.

Dear Zipped Up:
Great guess, but nope! Sunny has the sweeter voice of this formerly dynamic duo.

Dear Ted:
Now that Twilight is over, no one really cares about what Nikki, Ashley, Kellen, Taylor and the others are doing. I mean none of them seem to be doing any projects that are exciting. And now that Robert Pattinson has pretty much shown and told the world that he and Kristen Stewart are a couple, they also have become pretty boring too. I mean Kristen was up in Toronto for at least two weeks and no pics, only tweets, which is cool but come on nothing exciting. There have not even been any pics of Rob. So my question is now that Twilight is done do you think The Hunger Games cast will have some juicy story for us to start talking about? I mean they will be working long hours together and will probably make two or three movies together (it will be like Twilight all over) can we expect any good juicy stories from this cast to keep us talking about them for a few years? Or are the boards going to go back to being boring?

Dear Premature Fangulation:
What do you mean Twilight is over, Sue? There are still two more flicks left, and they're the ones the fans are most looking forward to. Trust, you haven't seen the last of any of the Twi kids (who, by the way, have plenty of projects in the works, get your IMDb facts checked)—they just have a little break before the Breaking Dawn craziness begins. As for those H.G. hotties, while things may be all cool now, I promise you they will be delivering the drama on and offscreen.

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