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    So True? So False? Did Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp Just Set a Wedding Date?!

    Meg Ryan, John Mellencamp Elder Ordonez/
    So True So False, STSF

    And here we thought Kim Kardashian's engagement happened quick.

    Could it be that Meg Ryan and John Mellencamp , who began dating just a couple weeks after Kim and new fiancé Kris Humphries, have been slyly keeping apace with the more high-profile couple's accelerated courtship?

    That's what the rumor mill would have us believe, as it was reported this morning that the low-key couple is not only engaged, but have already set a date to swap vows and plan on doing so during the month of July.

    Could it be true? And more importantly, if so, couldn't they fulfill our movie fantasies and wait until next Valentine's Day and then meet cute at the top of the Empire State Building before saying "I do"? (What, just us?) Well, don't go losing any sleep over it, Seattle (or, you know, wherever), but this rumor is…

    So false!

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    A rep for the actress tells E! News that there is no wedding planned between her and Mellencamp.

    And while that still doesn't explain that conspicuous band Meg was sporting on her ring finger a few months back, we're inclined to believe them.

    As it happens, Ryan has already been married once before, to Dennis Quaid, while Mellencamp filed for divorce from his second wife—of 20 years—in January, right around the time he and Meg went public with their romance.

    However, in this case, two and two do not make four—the timing was coincidental, as Mellencamp had been separated for several months before then.

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