Is it just us, or does The Biggest Loser always provide for one of the most gratifying finales on TV?

Not only are the very visible results paraded right in front of us, but it all comes down to the math. Who lost the highest percentage of their season-premiere starting weight? Beep, beep, beep...beep...

And there you have it!

So who was still standing proud and lean at the end of the NBC hit's 11th season, which was also its fourth couples edition?

Olivia Ward, who along with younger sister Hannah Curlee made it all the way to the finale, was declared the Biggest Loser after shedding 129 pounds, or 49.43 percent of her starting body weight, to weigh in at 132.

Hannah didn't do too shabbily, either, going from 248 to 128—a 48.39 percent difference—to come in second.

"It is me and you, day one, today, and we are never going back there again," Olivia, who needed to have dropped more than 126 pounds to beat Hannah, promised her sister before she took the scale.

"I'm ready for the next chapter of our lives together," Hannah agreed.

Coming in third, but holding her head high, was Irene Alvarado, whose mom was eliminated in week one of the competition. Daughter persevered, however, to ultimately take off 116 pounds, or 45.49 percent of her starting weight of 255.

Also feeling good tonight after taking home $100,000 was 59-year-old Deni Hill, who entered the competition weighing 256 pounds and proceeded to lose a leading 48.83 percent of that to win the at-home portion of the competition.

But Olivia took home $250,000, not a bad prize to share with hubby Ben Ward, who, inspired by his wife on the ranch, took off upwards of 113 pounds on his own.

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