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Dear Ted:
I'm a Gleek who adores backstage gossip. So tell me, now that Ryan Murphy has announced that some of those "kids" will be graduating off the show at the end of season three are any of the cast worried? I think Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Mark Salling and Naya Rivera are all talented, but H'wood is a tough town. So what's it like on the set? Is it like an impending funeral? Or are some of them viewing it as a prison release?

Dear Class of 2012:
Some people should certainly be more nervous than others. If I were Mark, I'd be nervous. And Cory Monteith? Hmmm. But Lea, Naya and most of the rest of the cast have nothing to worry about, except, maybe Dianna Agron. Not sure it would upset her too much to "graduate" anyway, think she's more interested in movies.

Dear Ted:
Does Super-Duper Cooper like well-endowed women who can cook? If so, does that mean that they might be into the same kind of "crap"?

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Dear Fecal Matters:
Well-endowed women, sure! And ya know, any other type of woman out there: young, old, thin, hefty, endowed or otherwise. If it's got a V for his P, he's game! Hell, he's into some guys, too. I don't think culinary skills tend to ever come up, though.

Dear Ted:
The casting of the Hunger Games is driving me crazy, because they have yet to cast my favorite character! Where is Cinna? This character may be a supporting role but he is pivotal to Katniss' growth in the books. On one hand, I'm glad they're taking their time because it means they won't be to quick to cast someone who won't do the role justice, but on the other hand, I'm still worried that whoever they cast won't be as good as my visual of him. There isn't even any hint about who's in the running! What's your take?
—Cinna Fan

Dear Cinnaphile:
Haven't you heard, babe? Lenny Kravitz will be filling Cinna's stylish shoes—which obviously caused more pandemonium than brown-haired Josh Hutcherson landing the role of a blondie. Not sure how I feel about this one—Len is talented, sure, but I was expecting a younger, hotter Jake Gyllenhaal-type. Now that would be dream casting. Actually, now that I think about, I'm totally down for Lenny. Super nice guy, sexy as hell, nice butt, too—just ask Nicole Kidman!

Dear Ted:
I've seen some of Jennifer Lawrence's interviews and she seems very quick, smart, witty, confident, humble and sexy. She oozes sexy without even trying and she's mega talented. What do you think about her working with Robert Pattinson? I think she's young and talented and apparently I'm sick of seeing Rob working with older women. Jennifer even has an Oscar nomination. What do you say?

Dear Pattinson Parade:
We totally agree that Jennifer's got the brains and the talent. And while we love seeing Rob on the big screen, we don't think we could take the total Robsten freak out that would occur if R.Pattz and J.L. got cozy onscreen. There's already a silly rivalry brewing (online) between Kristen Stewart and J.

Dear Ted:
My rescue pup Barlow keeps wondering when she'll get a shout-out from you (she's a diva that way). I was watching SNL with Justin Timberlake and Bradley Cooper made a cameo, which got me wondering, do they also do cameos in the other's Vice? Might be interesting.

Dear Mixing Vices:
Long shot, K. Both dudes may have the same dirty Vice, but they're completely different when it comes down to it. SNL—and, who knows, a third installment of The Hangover—is the only place you'll see their paths cross. And please tell Barlow I send her a super-wet smooch!

Dear Ted:
Are the rumors true about Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie being the next Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in more ways than one? Why don't they remake Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf together?

Dear Old School:
Although Angie has been around the block a few times in her younger years, she never quite racked up the men like Liz did. With their posse of kids, Brad and Angie's love life looks a bit tamer than their Hollywood couple predecessors. Well...at least publicly. Suffice it to say, Liz and Dick were about boozing and battling. That's not Brangie's thing. But they do have cousins to those Vices, you might say...

Dear Ted:
Does Lady Gaga have a B.V.?

Dear Born to Vice:
Crazily enough...no.

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