Melissa and Joe Gorga are the latest addition to the Garden State bitchfest Italiano otherwise known as The Real Housewives of New Jersey. And it's all in the famiglia: Joe is the brother of fiesty Teresa Giudice.

As you know by now, if these Jerseyites sense there's a camera in the room, a brawl isn't far behind, and what better place to throw down than your bambino's christening? 

Now, we get a recap on what sparked Joe and Teresa's booze-fueled crap storm.  



I looked at her with my eyes, but not my normal eyes. I used these big scary Tony Montana eyes that I been working on.  She knows that look. It says, I don't care if you're my sister. You don't walk away, I'm gonna rip your stinkin' head off and feed it to the rats behind the bowling alley. So stop bein' fake.

Uh, was that a good take?

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