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House Season Finale: So...That Happened—What Did You Think?

House, Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein Byron Cohen/FOX

Based on the House season finale promo, we knew that House (Hugh Laurie) was going to be doing something to Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) that caused her to basically get a restraining order against her former boyfriend. So whatever that thing was, it probably wasn't going to be anything positive.

And we were right. If you haven't seen tonight's season finale of House, do not click in. We repeat, stay away until you've seen it! As for everyone else, let's hop on in and discuss what went down in tonight's season-ending episode…

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Obviously, Lisa Edelstein's fate wasn't decided when this episode was written, so we weren't expecting them to straight-up kill her off. Instead, the episode was full of awkward, heartbreaking and somewhat-forced interactions between House and Cuddy. Except for that last thing.

You know, when House plowed his car into Cuddy's house because he saw her hanging out with another guy. Yeah, that thing. Now, the crazy-jealous actions from House could set up Dr. Lisa Cuddy's exit in a couple ways.

Since she pretty much banished House, he could find another hospital and maybe a whole new team. Or, in a much simpler resolution, Cuddy would just leave Princeton-Plainsboro. We're sure there are other options for what comes next, but that's where we're leaving it in your hands.

What do you think, House fans? What's next for everyone in season eight? Do you think Cuddy will get any kind of send-off next year? And what was your overall impression of the season seven finale? We'll see you down below in the comments section for some reaction and speculation!

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