When it rains, it pours. Blood, that is!

Before we could stop buzzing about last week's True Blood promo, HBO has already dished out another delicious dose of vamp footage—and this season looks good. Better than any nakey party that maenad Maryann ever threw ('tho we're still down to attend one of those, if anyone has a plus one!).

But we were right about one thing:

Sexy Alexander Skarsgård is getting some serious screen time this season.

And we couldn't be happier. We wouldn't expect anything less, though, now that he's a big-time H'wood heartthrob. Guess all those tabloid covers are finally paying off—poor Kate Bosworth is probably sitting around wondering when she's going to get her promotion.

The promo gives us some more tantalizing teasers to this season, like:

Bill gone totally political! Since his relaysh with Sookie is on the rocks—it's always a bummer when your BF almost kills you—we're wondering if he'll get a little office romance of his own?

Or maybe one with his housekeeper?

Can't wait for this trio (that's Bill, Sook, and Eric, of course) get even more dramatic! Cause if True Blood's taught us one thing it's that drama just means more sex scenes for Anna Paquin to show off her uber-toned bod, right?

And not to mention his vamp offspring Jessica (played by drop-dead gorgeous Deborah Ann Woll) gets to show her divinely nasty side this season. We dying to see the fiery red head get her vampire on...and then end up riding off into the moonlight with Hoyt, of course.

What can we say, we're romantics at heart!

Hell, we're so excited for the season to start that we're even willing to give Jason Stackhouse and those bizarro hillbilly panthers another chance (he's still got his washboard abs, after all). And we'll put up with Tara bitching about the undead...again? 'Cause we missed you, ya grumpy beyotch!

Can't one of these witches cast a spell and make time pass faster, already!

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