Kim Cattrall

Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Hollywood Gets Healthy

Kim Cattrall is lookin' pretty hot at 54, don't ya think?

And we have Jane Fonda's workout videos to thank for that.

No, the Sex and the City star doesn't still use the 1980s tapes, but...

She says Fonda's legendary rallying cry to get in shape has stayed with her.

"I'm from the Jane Fonda generation so I workout," Cattrall told me about staying in shape while promoting her new I Can't Believe It's Not Butter ad campaign. "Just that exercise tape where she was wearing that striped top and leg warmers. I loved her, still love her. But you know I exercise and diet—there's really no mystery to it. There are certain things that I don't eat and there's certain things that I do."

While she says there are "many things" that she misses, pasta is the biggie. "I love Italian food," Cattrall says. "I mean, I have like a little tiny bit, but that is where my passions lies—the savory. No so much the sweet. I like some chocolate, but the savory, the spices...really appeals to me."

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