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Hollywood Gets Healthy

Ahh, Sookie Sookie, now!

Anna Paquin is dishing to Health magazine about how she keeps those Sookie Stackhouse curves and her barf-inducing romance with costar and hubby Stephen Moyer.

But is working together and being married to each other ever too much bloody togetherness?

"No. I miss him when he leaves. That's nauseating, I know. My me-time requirements are quite small," Paquin tells the mag, on newsstands today.

But judging by these photos, not exactly a bad sight to see walkin' away!

When she does take a little "me" time, Paquin reveals she works on her fitness for fear of those infamous white booty shorts that her character Sookie favors.

"If you're going to be spending literally every single day of your working life wearing clothes that barely cover your body, you're gonna be extra-diligent," Paquin confesses to the healthy mag. "There's just a little extra motivation of, 'Hmmm, teeny white shorts and a bikini top? I think I will go to Pilates this morning.'"

But despite the Hollywood pressures that Paquin has faced since being a child star growing up in the spotlight (Anna won an Oscar for The Piano at age 11, sheesh!), she credits her crazy family for keeping her down to earth.

"I have a really, really, really normal family. And by normal I mean we're all nuts on some level. I think you've gotta be a little nuts to pursue any kind of creative job. I was also a really good kid."

So good that the actress says one of her favorite pastimes can get prettay wild.

"I re-watch—and when I say the entire series, I literally mean the entire series of—The West Wing every year. I'm sort of secretly stalking Aaron Sorkin. I'm obsessed with his work. I think he's a genius."

Come on Anna, we hope life with Bill Compton gets a little crazier than that!

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