Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jesse James, Mel Gibson, Tiger Woods, Charlie Sheen

Sperminating, knife wielding, cocktail waitress cavorting, rage-filled ranting: These are just some of the antics that will land you a spot on our list of Top 5 Celebrity Manskanks!

So who do we consider the lowest of the low, and what did they have to do to make the cut?

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Arnold Schwarzenegger, Charlie, Jesse, Mel and Tiger are all worthy candidates of the Biggest Manskank title, right?

Now, unless you have been taking a vacation on Jupiter this past week, you already know that the former Terminator and Governator will hereby be known as the Sperminator or, if you prefer, the Inseminator

Without rehashing all of this week's baby mama drama, Ah-nold impregnated the family maid of 20 years and watched his love child grow up to be a 13-year-old without saying a peep to anybody. Oh, and said love child was born just five days after his youngest son with wife, Maria Shriver, who apparently used to joke about the maid's son looking like her husband.


As our old pal Charlie Sheen would say, Schwarzenegger is definitely not winning.

And Sheen's crimes don't really need rehashing here again, but, perhaps you need a reminder on the dude who cheated on America's sweetheart, Sandra Bullock, with a tattooed Nazi impersonator, Jesse James?

As if that crime alone wasn't bad enough, this week, J.J. decided to blab to the media about how he's somewhat "glad" his affairs were blown out into the open and how happy he is now in his recent engagement to Kat Von D Make us puke, already!

And don't forget the beyond-douche crimes of Mel Gibson (who threatened the life of his ex, Oksana, over the phone) and ultra-philanderer Tiger Woods before you pass judgment, below, please.

Oh, and one common theme between the above manskanks:

All of these men were married with young children at home during times when they pulled the selfish shenanigans that hurt their families, landing them a spot on our list of Hollywood's top sleaze-meisters.

But here's the tough part: Who tops the rest?

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Mirror, mirror on the wall, who¿s the biggest Manskank of them all?
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