LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian

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Dear Ted:
Take a look at these pics of LeAnn Rimes. There is a difference in getting healthy and lean versus losing all body fat so only muscle and bones show. Sad that she is surrounded by only enablers and yes people. Someone needs to intervene. I'm shocked at them and her hair appears much thinner too. Those pics remind me of Lohan, Paris and Nicole Ritchie.
—Ty's Mom

Dear Weight Watcher:
LeAnn is a lean, mean, tabloid machine now—emphasis on all three. She loves the fame and the attention she's getting for all her man-stealing shenanigans (or whatever it may be this week). As for her waistline, it's funny: The skinnier she gets, the less cute he gets. And he's pretty cute, so, that's saying a lot.

Dear Ted:
Have Sally Pearlsmyth and Percy Dubois moved on with other people? Do either of them have big projects coming up? Also, were Sally's friends/castmates aware of the situation? If she is who I think she is, then I think at least one of her friends would be very vocal and somewhat supportive of her (unless it meant furthering her own career).

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Dear n-EX-t Up:
No, whether it's because of their unpleasant sitch or something else, neither has linked up since they've split. Career-wise, both are doing pretty well, neither really outshining the other. And Sal didn't let a lot of people into the loop.

Dear Ted:
I feel like there is too little Ed Westwick in this blog nowadays. Has he been up to anything deliciously Vicey?

Dear Gossip Guy:
Despite what you may think, Ed is hardly the Gossip Girl star to keep an eye on. He's not even in the top five, actually. Sorry to burst your gossip-seeking bubble.

Dear Ted:
Two soon to be very famous young actors (I hope) seem to have very good chemistry, judging by the photos from a Pirates of the Caribbean event. So do you know if Astrid Bergès-Frisbey and Sam Claflin are together? I kinda hope they are. They look gorgeous together.

Dear Pirate's Booty Call:
While I'm sure that would ease a lot of Robsten fanatics' worries  to see K.Stew's next hottie costar off the market, I can't confirm these two have any serious plans to date. Sorry, babe. Who knows though? There are still plenty of Pirates promos to do!

Dear Ted:
I'm a huge House fan and am completely shocked and saddened by Lisa Edelstein's exit from the show. She is not only an integral player but also a stout supporter and advocate of the show, especially, this past season where Hugh Laurie and the rest of the cast did very little promoting. Any insight into why she's not returning? I won't be able to sleep until my housebroken heart can understand.

Dear Money Talks:
And Lisa walked. I'm sure Lisa would have loved to keep her Rx sitch, but the show didn't seem to be willing to cough up the green, and so she's on to different projects with a hopefully bigger paycheck.

Dear Ted:
Love E.W.'s cover with Jennifer Lawrence! She looks exactly like what I pictured Katniss to look like! I'll admit, I didn't know what to think when they cast her, but I bet she far exceed everyone's expectations!

Dear Game Girl:
Us too! Team Truth was totally geeking out when we saw the cover yesterday. Now, more importantly, what will Liam Hemsworth and Josh Hutcherson look like? Can't wait to get our hands on those pics!

Dear Ted:
We talk so much about Hollywood's closeted stars, but we hear next to nothing about their other halves. So I'm wondering who sports the best facial hair and who is most in need of a shave out of Fey Oiled-Tush, Judas Jack-Off, Dashed Dingle-Dream and Crescent Kumquat?

Dear Grab the Razor:
Judas probably plays the beard game the best (while Cres plays it the worst), and it's definitely time for Fey to ditch his other lady half. Was anyone buying it anyway?

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