Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mildred Patricia Baena, Patty

Shea Walsh/AP Images for EAA/

E! News has uncovered the birth certifcate of Arnold Schwarzenegger's secret spawn.

The boy, whose identity we're redacting because he's still a minor, was born in a Burbank, Calif., hospital on Oct. 2, 1997, less than a week after Maria Shriver gave birth to son Christopher. Meaning Schwarzenegger's wife and his mistress, Mildred "Patty" Baena, were walking around his house pregnant at the exact same time.

But who is listed as the daddy?

Baena kept mum on the true identity of the boy's father, which we now know is Schwarzenegger.

Instead the woman, who lists her own birthplace as Guatemala and uses the last name Pena, named then husband Rogelio as the biological father.

The timing is worth noting: just three weeks after the birth, Rogelio and Mildred separated, according to her divorce petition, and she makes a point of noting that the couple did not have any children together.

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