When E! News host Jason Kennedy grilled beloved TV vixen Alison Brie about Community at the NBC upfronts, she finally gave up the ghost and admitted what we've all suspected for years: Joel McHale is not the good-looking, hilarious, smart and cool person we've been led to believe he is.

On the contrary, Brie confided, "[Working with him is] terrible. It's a horrible burden. I think we all just carry Joel. I mean, you know…" Apparently they literally have to carry him. As Brie explains, "Piggyback rides are a big thing for him. And he's so tall. It's like, 'Joel, do I really need to carry you everywhere on my back?' And he's like, 'I'm not going to do this scene unless you carry me in.' "

And, of course, we're kidding, as was the luminous Alison Brie. Joel is genuinely the best!

Kennedy asked McHale about the renewal (hallelujah!) of Community for a third season, and The Soup host said, with all the graciousness in the world, "Thank god some people took pity on us and picked us up for a third season...I learned early in my career never to take anything for granted, and I truly am grateful that it got picked up."

And so are we!

Now, what Community theme episodes do you want to see next season? Hit the comments!

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