Could it finally be happening?

If the promo above is any indication, Will (Josh Charles) and Alicia (Julianna Margulies) are about to hook up on The Good Wife. Is it real? And what does it mean for next season?

We just spoke to star (and smart man and actor's actor) Josh Charles one-on-one, and here's what he revealed about tonight's sexy finale of The Good Wife:

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Is there anything you can tell us about the finale?
I know it's terrible but I can't really say a lot. It puts me in a really tricky situation, but I can tell you this, I am really excited about the episode, it is a great case. We have amazing actors, Titus Welliver as Glenn Childs, and it's sort of swan song for him as state's attorney. We get to go head-to-head in court and that was really fun for me because Titus is an old friend and we really had never worked together before on the show, which is crazy. So this was really fun having him and Matt opposite in the courtroom, and Jane Alexander as Judge Suzanne Morris in the episode.

It was really long hours and we had our cocreator Robert King directing his first episode. It really invigorated us, it's a long season shooting a TV show, and we're all really running on fumes and the beauty of the writing of this show is that the last four episodes all could have been season enders.

We would read them and think, wow this could end the season and wonder how the writers were going to top themselves but each week we were stunned. All I can say is that I think the finale episode is a strong one, and I think it will really have people talking, and it really leads us nicely to begin the third season.

The possibilities are endless on where things can go, and it's rife with drama, conflict and intrigue. That, to me, is really impressive that they keep being able to do that 23 times a year. That is what drives the show and that is what keeps us all energized and buzzed. I think it will be fun to see… well, I cannot really say what happens.

Would you say it's a complicated, ambiguous ending?
See, I play a lawyer on TV and what you are doing is asking a leading question. I am going to have to say no comment.

What do you look forward to when you are faced with a day of shooting with Julianna Marguiles?
The subtextual scenes with Jules, Julianne's character with Alicia and Will, there is just a lot unspoken. And a lot where the audience knows more than maybe the actors know as to what has happened and what the other characters know. I think that there is a lot of internal conflict and that is a lot of fun to play on the show. You don't always get the luxury to do that, especially not on a network show. I feel like this show is not afraid to take risks, with characters, story...

What are you looking forward to from season season?
For me, I am really excited about next year and a lot [of people] have asked me about what's happening with Will's back story with Blake and when they are all going to find out about that—I think  we will find out about that next year. I think it might have been something we were going to find out at the end of this year but I think the nature of TV is that things shift and change and as the season goes on, if the writers have ideas, then they might swap things around and for me that is a really exciting thing to know that we can step into that in next season because I think it will be really enlightening and revealing about this character and answer a lot of questions for people. It's fun to play.

The Good Wife has the most amazing casting. Are there any actors would you like the stop by the show to play criminals or lawyers? 
Our casting director Mark Saks was one of my teachers at theater camp, I have known him for years so I always joke with him and have an ongoing email with him about people who are either my friends or people who I just love and who I would love to see on the show. Honestly we have an embarrassment of riches on this show, and I think it's the nature of the writing and the fact that we are in New York and the fact that there is such a big talent pool of theater actors out here and the fact that people want to work on stuff that is good. And we have that. 

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