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Matt Lanter Drops Some Knowledge About the 90210 Finale

Matt Lanter, 90210 Scott Alan Humbert/The CW

Poor Matt Lanter. If only he were more attractive, we'd probably see so much more of him on 90210.

Just kidding, he's completely hot and happily dealing with some pretty crazy storylines for his character Liam. Tonight, the third season of 90210 wraps up, with an ending that will surely set up the group's transition to college. But as Matt tells us, the season finale is going to be anything but drama free for Liam and the rest of the gang.

And that's just the way we like our 90210 epsiodes…

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How have you felt about Liam's story arc over the course of the season?
Matt Lanter:
I would have liked to see Liam's story develop a bit more this season. Yes, we saw Liam struggle with the relationship with his stepbrother Charlie (Evan Ross) for a couple episodes and he dealt with crazy drug-dealing Laura, and of course his relationship ups and downs with Annie (Shenae Grimes), but there could be so much more to him and I'd love to see that happen next season. 

Any surprising storylines for your character or anyone else's that threw you for a loop or really shocked you when you read it in the script? 
I just have no idea how they can possibly bring Adrianna (Jessica Lowndes) back from the horrible place she is in at the moment!  She has done some really terrible things to Silver (Jessica Stroup) towards the end of the season here. I think it will take a lot for people to like her again.

Shenae Grimes, Matt Lanter, 90210 Michael Desmond/The CW

What can we expect for Liam in the season finale?
He takes an interesting path for the summer that most high school grads don't take. It leaves his story and his relationship with Annie open-ended. I think we will be wondering if we'll see him again by the end of the season.

Is there a scene or moment in the finale that you are really excited for viewers to see? 
I think the final scene between him and Annie is interesting. And if we did it right, it should strike an emotional chord. Like I said, things are open-ended, so viewers are really going to want more at the end of the episode. I think people will have different opinions on what they plan on being as a couple after that moment.

What about the rest of the characters? Can we expect cliffhangers for them?
I think there are cliffhangers for most of the characters. Some are positive and encouraging. But overall I feel like we really stayed away from the traditional cheesy cliffhangers.

What will you be working on over the summer during your time off? 
I just wrapped a lead role in an indie film called Liars All.  It's a psychosexual thriller that has to do a lot with desire and denial. It centers on a group of individuals who partake in a New Year's Eve game that changes their lives. That said, it's a very character-driven film that exposes these young adults' inner demons. We have a few pickup shots in London next week, and then I'll spend a little time at home before heading down to Disney World for Star Wars Weekends, supporting the Clone Wars in which I voice Anakin Skywalker. After that, who knows? Maybe I'll post up on some Caribbean beach somewhere!

What do you think is in store for Liam and Annie in the finale? Are you excited to see how the group graduates and heads off to college? Scroll on down and hash it out in the comments!

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