DWTS, Chelsea Kane, Mark Balla


Chelsea Kane may not be sporting a neck brace à la Kym Johnson, but that doesn't mean the Disney starlet isn't feeling plenty of her own Dancing With the Stars wear and tear...

"I'm definitely getting tired," Kane recently admitted to us while promoting her new website ChelseaKane.com, "and it's one of those tireds that's just piled on top of being tired. Sore muscles on top of sore muscles. Blisters on top of blisters. You just haven't had that one day to recoup."

Since she's been spending so many tireless hours rehearsing with partner Mark Ballas, how has Kane managed to avoid tabloid rumors the two are hooking up?

"[It's] 'cause we're not," Kane laughed. "Mark and I get along so well and we have a very interesting relationship where I've never wanted to physically hurt someone so much at times. And then at the end of every rehearsal it's like, 'So, do you want to go get a drink or have dinner?' We have a very intense love-hate relationship and I'm just so happy that we were partnered together. He'll definitely be a friend for life."

And if Kane does dance her way to winning the whole competition, she has a very creative idea of how to put that mirror-ball trophy to good use.

"I would actually like probably hang it above my bed," she said, adding "Like a disco every night!"

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