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Hey there, TV fans: Are you ready to see E! talk-show star Chelsea Handler play her own fictonalized older sister opposite actress Laura Prepon playing a fictionalized Chelsea Handler in a TV sitcom version of Chelsea's comedic autobiography Are You There Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea? Well, give it a shot, because that's the kind of mind-boggling setup you'll see on the new NBC multicamera comedy that we're calling Vodka for short.

Plus, did the producers of The Playboy Club pull off the right look for the show? Is Idol escapee and/or House Bunny star Kat McPhee ready for a starring role in a scripted dramatic series? Can Maria Bello possibly live up to the standard set by Helen Mirren in the original Prime Suspect?

Watch these series trailers for NBC's new 2011-12 TV shows, and then vote in our poll to tell us which ones look the best (and which ones need more work):

Prime Suspect

The Playboy Club

Up All Night

Free Agents







The Firm

Thoughts? We're intrigued by The Playboy Club and Prime Suspect, but what caught your fancy and why? Tell us in the comments!

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