Nick Cannon Explains Mariah Carey's Inexplicable "Rock Star" Baby Names

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    Sure, Mariah Carey's hormones were raging, and she's always been known for being a bit kooky in a divalicious way...but what was she thinking naming her twins Monroe and Moroccan Scott?

    Hey, she's a major Marilyn Monroe fan and Nick Cannon popped the question in the Moroccan Room of their home (his wife also being a big fan of Morocco), her hubby told E! News Thursday, when asked what was up with those, er, unique baby names.

    But there's more to the story than that, and Cannon—who's been so preoccupied with the new arrivals that he's still wearing a wristful of hospital bracelets—helpfully broke it down for us.

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    For starters, the 30-year-old new dad said, his kids have rock star names!

    "My kids' names are Roc and Roe," Cannon pointed out gleefully. "Right there, it can't get any better than that."

    "When you first hear it, it's kind of funny because we hear Moroccan and Monroe, you don't know which one's the boy and which one's the girl," he admitted. "But once you kind of let it sit for a minute, you can understand the whole thing."

    OK, we're letting it sit...

    "Monroe, obviously, is named by Marilyn Monroe, who my wife has been inspired by and loved for many years," Cannon continued. "And my son, I love his name, we called him Moroccan. He needed a strong name...Roc Cannon. My middle name is Scott.

    "And," he added, "you think about Moroccan and that's kind of like my name and Mariah's name phonetically together. I alos proposed to my wife in our Moroccan room. There's a lot of meanings to it. We put a lot of thought into those names."

    He considers Monroe to be a particularly strong-sounding female name, as well.

    "I think we did a good job on the names," he said. "They ain't gonna be mad at us when they grow up."

    Well, the important thing is that the family is healthy and happy. The newborns arrived two weeks early and were delivered via C-section.

    "My wife is superwoman in my eyes," Cannon said, "because to see her go through that, and then bounce back right away was incredible. She's doing amazing now, though, so it's beautiful."

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