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    Chaz Bono Removes Shirt, Shows Off New Body

    Chaz Bono, The Advocate Patrick Fraser/The Advocate

    Chaz Bono has nothing to hide.

    Not only has the man formerly known as Sonny and Cher's daughter Chastity opened up about being transgender and transitioning from female to male in a new memoir and documentary, but now...

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    He's showing off his post-breast removal body in The Advocate.

    Among the photos accompanying the cover story (titled "Fortunate Son"), is one of a shirtless Bono lounging on a raft in a pool. In another, his chest peeks out from behind a towel around his shoulders.

    In every photo? Bono's big bright smile.

    "Life was really difficult, but now it's fun and I'm on the same footing as everyone else," he tells writer Jeremy Kinser. "I finally feel comfortable in my body for the first time. I look in the mirror and see reflected how I've always felt inside. It's almost impossible to calculate the difference."

    Bono says he began researching transitioning after watching Boys Don't Cry, the Oscar winning film about the brutal killing of transgender man Brandon Teena.

    "I don't feel that it's a mistake that I had the life I've had," he says. "I feel fortunate, from being put in front of the camera as a very small child and growing up to be transgender and being able to get this education out there."

    Or as his fiancée, Jennifer Elia, says, "I knew in the back of my mind he'd have to transition or he wouldn't be able to live happily."

    Chaz Bono, The Advocate Patrick Fraser/The Advocate

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