Jeremy Marinas, Dakota Hood

In The Hunger Games, District 10 doesn't see a whole lot of glory beyond being famous for, yes, its cows. Maybe the just-cast fresh faces, including one with some serious dance moves, can change all that?

With all the roster of 24 tributes almost complete, let's meet the two newcomers who just landed one helluva gig:

Jeremy Marinas and Dakota Hood.

Hood is fairly new to Hollywood, having one credit to her name from 2007's Scripture Cake: A Southern Cuisine Movie.

Not that her role will require serious acting chops, as the character (SPOILER ALERT!) may not last tooo long in the 74th Hunger Games. We'll see...

Marinas, on the other hand, already has quite the resume of experience.

He's done stunt work for The Expendables, The Green Hornet and the upcoming Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes sequel, and he even appeared as a dancer in the Justin Bieber documentary, Never Say Never.

You can check out Marinas' seriously stealth stunt moves in this video. We bet he is getting an A+ in cast stunt camp!

Marinas, whose character is referred to as "the boy with the crippled foot," took to his Twitter account today to express his excitement:

"today is an exciting day! SUCCESS - Stay true to your craft, work harder than everyone else, then the rest will fall in place."

This leaves only two tributes left to cast: Cato and Clove from District 2.

Any suggestions?

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