Leonardo DiCaprio

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Dear Ted:
Ditch Bradley, Do Leo and Marry Ryan. Its fun to pretend.
Loretta C. Ruff-Edwards (via Facebook)

Dear Blind:
Ditch Bradley Cooper, are you nuts? His bod is at least something to look at and grab tight, while I have the feeling holding onto Leo while fooling around might be like looking for some Play-Doh in the dark, just a hunch. Most readers agreed with us on that one, by the by.

Dear Ted:
Leo's even sexier 10 years later! :) Do him & Bradley Cooper & ditch Reynolds.
Bernie Orona (via Facebook)

Dear Didn't Read the Rules:
You can't do both Bradley and Leo, you have to marry one, silly. But, I'm not talking to you because you got rid of the one you were supposed to marry, Ryan Reynolds, so never mind.

Dear Ted:
I don't know about you but I absolutely love Stanley Tucci for the role of Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games! Even though Ryan Seacrest kept popping up in my mind while reading it, Tucci seems like more realistic and fantastic choice. I just love him as an actor and I can't wait to see him.
—HG girl

Dear Right On:
We, too, consider it pretty brilliant casting, very smart. Anybody who knows how to handle evil Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada should be able to find his way 'round the villainous Hunger Games show!

Dear Ted:
When does the movie LOL come out? You know the one with Miley Cyrus and Demi Moore? Love you.

Dear Love Out Loud:
And I you, Page! Still hearing this year on LOL, which, I, too, cannot wait to see. Demi playing Miley's mom instead of her competition for men—this should be good.

Dear Ted:
I have asked this before, and am hoping that if I keep asking, you might answer me (pretty please?) which of the Blind Vices that you have told us has the best chance of being revealed someday in the public media?

Dear Against Hope:
I am an idiot to say this, but, I truly do believe it will be Toothy Tile.

Dear Ted:
Hello, I have emailed you so many times!! My question(s) are does Beyoncé have a Blind Vice, and, if so, is it child related? And my French Mastiff wants to know is it worth it to read The Hunger Games?

Dear Dog Days:
Totally! Tell your fancy mutt to read on! As far as Beyoncé goes, I will say this: Ms. B. stars in absolutely no Vice even remotely having to do with kids.

Dear Ted:
Take a peek at People.com photo gallery. Katie Holmes shoe shopping—she has either gained a lot of weight or she's pregnant. If its weight gain, it sure has localized.

Dear No ScarJo:
Sorry, Weave, but Holmes' rep denied Katie's preggers, fab as it would be for Suri to have a baby bro or sis, huh? Also, have to say, that "bump" Holmes ostensibly sports while shopping is nothing like what ScarJo's been hauling 'round lately . Now that's a something growing worth talking about.

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