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Charlie Sheen suddenly has plenty of time on his hands now that he's wrapped up his Violent Torpedo of Truth Tour. So one of the first things he's done since getting back to his Sober Valley Lodge in Los Angeles is to call up E! News and start dishing on just about pretty much everything.

So keep reading for the latest on his musical collaboration with Snoop Dogg and Filter guitarist Rob Patterson titled—what else?—"Winning" (including exclusive video), his roller-coaster adventure on the road, life after Two and a Half Men, the legal battle with CBS and nemesis Chuck Lorre, his divorce and custody battle with Brooke Mueller and his search for a replacement goddess now that Bree Olson has apparently had her fill of his Adonis DNA.

Take it away, Charlie!

On "Winning":

First up, Sheen wants the world to hear his anthem. He debuted the video for the song "Winning," featuring Snoop, at the tour opener in Detroit in early April. But after he was nearly booed offstage, Mr. Warlock mothballed the clip and revamped his show into a Q&A format. He did eventually show the video at a few other venues.

"Well, the genesis of the song is about, you know,'s just everything in life," Sheen tells E! News. "I think Snoop did a really good job at kind of encapsulating the whole vibe of you know the movement. Yeah, and it was taken out and then it was brought back in for the rest of the tour we played it every night pretty much for the end of the show."

Now he's making the single available for download starting at midnight tonight via iTunes—and all for a good cause. In keeping with Charlie's newfound good-guy rep, a portion of the proceeds from downloads will benefit "Torpedos Against Tornados," the foundation he set up for victims of the tornadoes that devastated the South late last month.

Sheen says the idea for the song came about through Patterson, who served as his musical director, and brought the Doggfather aboard.

Adds Patterson, who also sat in on the call: "We are getting ready for the show in Detroit and, um, we didn't have time to go out there and do it, so he would up just coming to the house. I brought my home studio up to Charlie's place and just tracked him here. It was pretty cool."

The trio also shot the music video there and then headed out on tour.

On how he did on his Torpedo of Truth Tour:

"Overall as a grade on this as a team I think we went 17 [wins] and 4 [losses]," says Sheen. "I know there's a couple in there that felt sorta phoned in but gave me the inspiration for the following night when it was all passion and lunacy. Um, yeah, I think 17 and 4 is fair what do you think, Rob?"

"I'd say 18 and 3," replies the axeman.

On the trek's high point:

"I'd say Tuscaloosa. That was radical, that was life changing," recalls the actor who was referring less to his performance than to touring the disaster zone and meeting with locals struck by the tragedy. "But on the professional side of it id say Seattle [last show]."

On CBS and Warner Bros. looking to continueTwo and a Half Men without him:

"I don't know what they're planning. I'm just plodding along like its over, like there's some closure," admits Sheen. "I have closure now because when Chuck [Lorre]...issues a statement talking about...writing shows without me...that feels like it is pretty final, you know? It's hard."

On future TV gigs:

"Well, yeah, and movies and things obviously but, I mean, there's no way to get a pilot up between now and then," notes Charlie. "Yeah, I got some ideas that don't have me dealing with a network...all of this perfection. It's hard to make a case for me right now to go rushing back to that whole system and that model because you know because I wasn't treated fairly."

No word whether he'll accept an invitation to appear on HBO's final season of Entourage. HBO confirms to E! News that producer Doug Ellin extended an offer to pop up once shooting starts next month.

On adding another goddess after Olson's exit:

"Probably not today. That's all I know. Not going to happen today. I don't know. You know I was pursuing that with all the right intentions and what are you going to do? People bring variables," says the the motor-mouth. "I mean, depends on who it is."

On his divorce and custody fight with Mueller:

"I thought it was a s--t sandwich," says Sheen of his last court hearing, in which a judge refused to give him custody of the ex-couple's twin boys. "Two slices of bread filled with s--t...Seemed like there were rules in place and it seemed like someone didn't follow them. And there's no consequences, so I don't get it. System is broke, you know."

Listen to the entire Q&A right here:

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