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Save One Show 2011: This Round Is Closed, Please Stand By

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You know how American Idol never tells you if one particular singer is winning every week in the votes? Well, that ain't us. We're spillin'! So far, TV fans, Chuck, One Tree Hill and Nikita have been dominating Save One Show, so you fans of Parenthood, CSI: New York, Hellcats and Off the Map had better step it up. Detroit 1-8-7, Brothers & Sisters and V fans, we're looking at you, too.

Will perennial bubble boy Chuck take this year's SOS trophy? Could CW faves One Tree Hill and Nikita get the nod? Or will a dark horse win the race? Your votes will make the difference, so get in here and weigh in on this round's lineup!

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It seems that many TV fans would be more or less A-OK with if the following series were canceled. The second 10 shows knocked out of this year's Save One Show tournament are:

  • Body of Proof: Dana Delany's investigative coroner series on ABC only premiered in March.
  • CSI: After 11 seasons, is CBS' flagship forensic series finally ready to sign off?
  • The Event: NBC's Lost wannabe never really got America asking, "What is the Event?"
  • Harry's Law: David E. Kelley's latest wacky legal show stars Kathy Bates.
  • Mike & Molly: Chuck Lorre's third-born CBS sitcom hasn't been as popular as older siblings Two and a Half Men and The Big Bang Theory, but maybe it just needs time?
  • Mr. Sunshine: Aww, Matthew Perry and Allison Janney, we love ya. Better luck next time.
  • No Ordinary Family: ABC's middle-class superheroes show failed to take off.
  • Outsourced: If this NBC sitcom is canceled, we'll be a little sad just because it's such a good punchline.
  • Perfect Couples: Kyle Bornheimer and Olivia Munn starred in this relationships comedy from NBC.
  • Two and a Half Men: Uh, maybe you've heard of it

So those are the losers, but which show should get the win and be saved by the network executives that are currently making their decisions about which series to renew and which to cancel? The contenders are listed below, voting starts right now on round three, this round is open until Wednesday, May 11 at 11 a.m. PST; at which time the next 10 shows will the lowest votes will be eliminated, and the 10 shows left standing will be promoted to the next round. Good luck!

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