Who's the one person that can boss Lady Gaga around?

Her creative director Laurieann Gibson, that's who.

The two codirected Gaga's hot new music video "Judas" and Gibson is giving us all of the juicy behind-the-scenes scoop...

"Two days it took me to shoot it," says the star of E!'s The Dance Scene. "We scouted Universal and we just art-directed it to the ninth. We changed the face of it, we created the new Jerusalem. But it was a very magical experience to shoot a video on the Universal lot. It's so Hollywood."

But it certainly wasn't an easy task. They had to keep on schedule and budget, even if it meant Gibson getting a little bossy with the pop superstar.

"There was, 'You're directing, so please don't go over budget," Gibson says of the on-set time crunch. "Lady Gaga's still in her trailer. Who's going to get her out? She's still trying on clothes. I go, 'Knock, knock, knock, knock. Gaga, we're directing. It's our money now,' and out she comes. So it was fun holding her accountable for how long she would take in her glam."

For even more "Judas" scoop, make sure to watch E! News' exclusive 30-minute in-depth interview with Lady Gaga tonight at 7 and 11:30 p.m.

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