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Mystic Falls may be consumed by fire on The Vampire Diaries finale, but nothing's hotter than badass ancient vampire Klaus.  

We just had the pleasure of swooning over chatting with Joseph Morgan, who plays the fangtastically evil bloodsucker out to destroy Elena (Nina Dobrev) and her inner circle. This man is so enchanting we'd probably stab ourselves in the leg like Katherine if he asked nicely in that charming British accent.

Read on to hear what Joseph teased about TVD's "thrilling" season finale episodes—and his possible return next season!

What was it like playing such an eagerly anticipated character?
It's obviously daunting at first—when I first realized, that was kind of a wakeup call, really. I found once I started to get into it and do the research and really kind of figure out a way through it, it became more and more fun, more and more enjoyable. Everything I found out about the character, read their ideas for this character—other than what people have said about him—then it just got more and more exciting. Absolutely kind of thrilling. I was excited as each script came out to see what else they had in store for me, who else Klaus would have a run-in with.

Does Klaus have any redeeming qualities other than just being really hot?
Well, I think he has an appreciation of culture. [Laughs.] I think he's been around long enough, he has an appreciation for the finer things in life. I like to think he can be charming when he wants to be, although he probably has ulterior motives most of the time. We'll see—like I did, you guys will discover along the way, as the episodes come out the end of this season, you learn a little more. Each character becomes more three-dimensional the more we watch them, the more things we learn about them. So yeah, I hope so, maybe there's something we haven't seen.

What have you heard about next season?
Listen, all I've heard is that Vampire Diaries have been picked up for next season and [show runner] Julie [Plec]'s teased that it will delve into origin of the Originals, but other than that everyone's waiting on decisions about whether they go back or not. I mean, regardless of whether Klaus survives the sacrifice or not, there's still possibilities to go back, isn't there—in flashback and that kind of thing—so we're just waiting to find out.

Can you confirm that Klaus turns into a werewolf, or at least begins the transition, in tonight's episode?
I can't confirm or deny that rumor. I will say that if it does go down—look, the point where Klaus is transforming, or where he's in transition, in theory is supposed to be the point where he's at his most vulnerable, so just because you've seen something like the beginning of a transformation or something like that, is no guarantee that he's going to survive through the night.

What can we expect with Bonnie's return tonight?
Channeling the power of 100 dead witches really kind of has changed Bonnie [Kat Graham]—changed her permanently. I think we're going to see a more fearsome, more powerful side of Bonnie this week.

What can you tease about the "interest" Klaus will take in Stefan [Paul Wesley]?
[Laughs.] I'll tell you what. I've been reprimanded for teasing too much in that area already. I'm going to have to begrudgingly apologize and not go any further in this sort of pit that I've already gone. I stand by what I said: He will take a special interest.

Can anything stop Jenna's [Sara Canning] transformation into a vampire?
That's interesting. Can vervain slow a transformation down? I like to see this as a "YP" not an "MP" in terms of the show—it's a "your problem," not a "my problem." [Laughs.] If anything can save Jenna from becoming a vampire it's up to Bonnie and her gang of merry men to figure it out.

Anything else you can tease about the final two episodes?
It's an overused word in terms of the show, but they really are epic. I saw a rough cut of episode 21 last night and it really isn't going to disappoint. It's gonna be every bit as thrilling as we want it to be. Episode 22 is going to be a thrill ride. I really don't want to spoil anything, [but] I'll be there watching it with you guys. I'm really excited to hear people's reactions and see what everyone writes on Twitter about it.

What do you think about being called the hottest vampire on the show?
That's pretty flattering. You'd have to see me first thing in the morning getting out of bed trying to make a cup of tea. [Laughs.] I think if I told my 5-year-old self one day you're going to be voted "most hottest vampire" I'd get a kick out of that for sure. Thank you very much. That's a wonderful way to start my day.

Don't miss The Vampire Diaries final two episodes of the season, airing tonight and next Thursday at 8 p.m. on the CW.

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