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It's tough getting much Hunger Games scoop these days. We're hearing Lionsgate has really put the kibosh on any of the recently cast actors discussing the film to even their closest family members.

In other words, sources on the production tell us the studio's going to extra effort to make sure all these kids zip the lip!

More on that later. But first, here's some juice fresh from the set that didn't get zipped, regarding who's being considered for the plum role of Haymitch.

And guess what?

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Apparently, it isn't John C. Reilly, who was rumored to be close to nabbing the part.

Despite numerous reports saying the actor was the top contender for the meaty and crusty middle-aged Haymitch role, a source close to the film tells us exclusively that the part is not going to Reilly.

Good thing we like Lionsgate's next idea for Haymitch even better!  Our Hunger mole tells us the production's currently smitten with Woody Harreslson, who we think could actually nail the bad-ass role.

However, good luck getting any this stuff officially confirmed:  we're told until every role is cast and every deal is done, the actors in the film have been put on a gag order.

"They're telling the actors not to say anything at all and just refer people with questions to their managers and publicists," says our source.  "None of the actors want to be the one to blow it so they're staying tight-lipped."

But don't fret, dear fans! Turns out Lionsgate is only trying to help you here, not leave you out.

"They don't want to ruin anything for finicky fans of the book," adds our connected source, who says "it is unknown at this point" when the actors will be given the all-clear to talk.

Hm, sounds a little reminiscent of Twilight back in the day, no?

"It is going to be better than the first Twilight in terms of production value," says our film insider. "Gary Ross is such an incredible director, he will make the film amazing."

No doubt. But, know what would make it even more amazing? Brad Pitt as Haymitch!

Just sayin'…

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