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    No Take Backs? Oksana Drops Domestic Violence Claim Against Mel Gibson

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    Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson
    Oksana Grigorieva, Mel Gibson Giulio Marcocchi/Sipa Press

    After shocking allegations, brutal voicemail and trashed reputations, Oksana Grigorieva's putting away the claws and extending an olive branch to Mel Gibson.

    In a surprising turn, the Russian-born musician dropped her domestic-violence accusation against Gibson. The stunning announcement was made in court today, a source close to Gibson's ex tells E! News.

    So why's she playing nice?

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    Grigorieva requested, via her counsel, that the civil judge remove the domestic violence claim, which has bearing on her restraint of Gibson.

    The source tells E! News that she would like to be freer to communicate directly with Gibson. It is a gesture in an attempt to settle their custody battle over their daughter, Lucia, and other related matters, the insider explains.

    Until now, Grigorieva had been wielding the domestic violence allegations to gain leverage in the tug-of-war for the 18-month-old.

    The actual custody case has taken place behind closed doors because it involves a minor so neither party was willing to go on the record to discuss today's maneuver.

    However, just because Grigorieva wants to ease the terms of the restraining order, doesn't mean that it has disappeared.

    Back in March, Gibson copped a plea  to a misdemeanor battery charge invovling his baby mama. In return he was placed on probation for three years and ordered to complete a year of anger-management counseling. There was also a protective order put in place that says he must not "harass, strike, threaten, assault, follow, stalk [or] molest" her. No matter what Grigorieva wants, that order is still in effect until 2014, according to Los Angeles D.A. spokeswoman Sandi Gibbons.

    And Grigorieva is still allowed to tape her conversations with Gibson.

    Which clearly, she's already very good at doing.

    UPDATE: On May 12, 2011, an attorney for Oksana declared that those infamous voicemail rants Gibson left his baby mama won't be used in the couple's custody dispute, as they only pertained to the domestic violence restraining order, which has now been dropped.

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