Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart

Gabriel Reis / AKM

A few months ago Twi-hards freaked when photos of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinsonshe was in a white bikini, he in über-low swim trunks—were released to get those Breaking Dawn juices going. And then, just some weeks ago, there was that crazy leak of those bedroom sexy-time scenes.

So now we are beyond jealous, and semi-glad we can lurk, that Us Weekly has nabbed some even hotter exclusive, scantily clad swimsuit photos of Robsten doing much more than just acting out the final honeymoon scene.

Funny thing is, as the shoots for this final Twilight installation whittle down, Kristen and Rob get touchier and way feelier.

And it seems they start stripping off more and more clothing. Must be that offscreen chemistry and romance that is making K.Stew comfortable with the emotional, mushy Twi-stuff.

While we'd love to drool over how hot Rob looks all pale and muscular, or even how K's neon green swimsuit is two shakes away from giving all the fans a free Bella peep show, these new photos are screaming something else.

Clothing optional calls for more face-sucking!

Remember when Stewart was just piggy-backing on her man's back? So young love of them, right? Nowadays they both seem to be really into those intimate nighttime honeymoon scenes, our personal favorites.

Plus, from the look of these new pics and the dish onlookers gave the mag, Robsten are madly in love—if PDAs are the key.

Kissing and grabbing each other between scenes is now the Robsten standard, even on the set.

The leaked bedroom photos that broke Summit's heart were not as full-frontal as these beach-bopping scenes. The sexual tension was there in that more clothed photo documentation, but these snapshots are giving us more than just Edward and Bella.

What are we thinking? Besides the fact that these two have ah-mazing bods, now all those Nonstens officially need to shut their non-romantic traps.

These two are so in love even the end of this mega-franchise won't break them up. And it won't have the paparazzi quitting either.  

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